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  • Who can undergo Laser Vision Correction?
    Any Person above the age of 18 years whose power is stable for the last 1 year. There is no upper age limit.
  • How Long Does the Result last?
    The Effect of Laser Vision Correction are permanent and they do not wear off. But it is important to realise that a person's eye can still change internally. That is why many surgeons recommend having the procedure done after the major eye change have occurred in one's life. Surgeon can help you make decision whether or not Laser Vision Correction is appropriate for you.

  • What are the post-operative restrictions?
    The day of the Procedure, you are requested to rest as much as possible. You will use eye drops for a month. Rubbing your eyes is not allowed for a month. You can practice your favorite sports if you were special glasses or goggles. Avoid make up for a forth night and swimming to be avoided for a month.

  • Realistic Expectations
    It is very important to have realistic expectations and the decision should be based on facts and not hopes. Surgery does not always create 20/20 vision. It can reduce or eliminate dependence on the glasses. Patient may not improve satisfactorily due to retinal problems.

  • Am I good Candidate for Laser Vision Correction?
    Laser Vision Correction is not for everyone, and your ophthalmologist will advise you about certain conditions that may prevent you from being a good candidates for the procedure.

    For Instance, the ideal candidate for Laser Vision Correction is over 18 years of age, not pregnant or nursing, and free of any eye disease. You should not have had a change in your eye prescription in the last one year and should have a Refractive error within the range of correction for Laser Vision Correction.

  • Who can Benefit from the treatment?
    A comprehensive eye pre assessment for suitability always carried out but broadly categorised the following is applicable....

    You are 18.
    Your Prescription is between - 15 and + 7
    Diopters with astigmatism not more than 6 diopters.
    Your eyesight has been stable and unchanged over the preceding 12 months.

  • How safe is the procedure?
    If you believe corrective eye treatments are" risky" , rest assured. With the highest degree of accuracy, there is also over four decades in one form or another. Comprehensive clinical studies ans research, worldwide has demonstrated the efficacy and acceptance of these procedures so well that several million people have undergone corrective laser procedures.

  • Is it painful?
    Laser Vision Correction is performed on outpatient basis using anesthetic eye drops and is quite painless. You may experience some discomfort (Similar to having worn contact lenses for too long) and watering of the eye for a few hours after the procedures.

  • Are there any complications?
    In 97% cases, the treatment is completely successful in Eradicating Dependence on Visual aids. A few patients, mainly those with high prescriptions, may still require glasses or lenses for activities such as driving at night, or minute close work. In exceptional cases minor deviations such as delayed healing and night-time glare, can always be successfully treated, and normally restored. However all laser procedures the final outcome cannot be guaranteed.

  • What about the long term side effects?
    No complication have been reported beyond those encountered in the first year of following up. It is now 12 years since Laser Vision Correction was first developed, and there are no known long term side effects.

  • Is the treatment permanent?
    Yes. You will however remain susceptible to age related long sight and may require reading glasses as you approach presbyopic age.

  • Will I require multiple treatment?
    In over 94% of cases a single treatment is enough. In a few cases, a second "enhancement" treatment may be required to achieve optimum vision.

  • How long will it be before I have normal?
    You will notice an improvement in your sight within 4 - 6 hour though your vision may be a bit blurred, By the next morning, there is significant improvement and 48 hours down the line, your vision should be near normal, sometimes even better than before !! In rare cases, it may take a few weeks to adjust the vision completely.

  • Will it affect my Job?
    Most organisations do not object to the treatment. If you are with the service though, the Armed Forces, Civil Avaition Authority and Fire Brigades for example, you should check with them prior to attending for treatment.
Your Decison?
  • Refractive error correction is an elective procedure consider following things before you decide.
  • Where?
    Select facilities available, experience, reputation and latest Technology .

  • Machine and Technology-
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  • Cost-
    The Laser Vision Centre is always considerate and caters the laser technology at very affordable cost. Kindly Contact Us for details.

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