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Instruction (Pre-Operative) :
  • The patient should have stable refractive error and should carry all relevant reports of the previous examinations.
  • Those using contact lenses should discontinue them before surgery as advised by the doctor.
  • No Perfumes and make up on the day of treatment.
  • They should properly understand the procedure and alternatives before they consent to the surgery


Instruction (Post Operative) :
  • Patient should use dark glasses as advised.
  • They should take all medications as per the instructions
  • They should avoid eye strain (Reading,T.V., Driving Vehicle) as advised.
  • They should maintain their regular prescribed follow ups. (1week, 1month, 3 months, every year)
  • They should avoid head bath for one week.
  • Patient can have normal diet and can perform routine activities after surgery.
  • Mild irritation, redness and pain can occur for few days.


Problems and Complications:
  • Mild to moderate pain or discomfort may occur to sensitive patients along with watering, redness, etc.
  • Over or under corrections are occasionally known.
  • Glare, star effects may persist for longer period in few patients.
  • Infections may occur due to improper post operative care and may lead to opacities.
  • Fluctuation in vision may occur upto 2- 4 weeks.